21st CENTURY ART, C.E.- B.C.

"...the geometry is the light..."


Translated by Coleman Barks and John Moyne

This is the best selling book of poetry in the United States today, and for good reason. Jelaluddin Rumi, 1207-1273, is considered by many to be the world's greatest poet, certainly the greatest of the mystical Sufi poets. His unsurpassed ability to wed the mystical and the mundane is perhaps what gives him his unique appeal in the modern world. In this translation one feels that Barks and Moyne have indeed wedded their souls with Rumi, creating, as never before in English, poems that leave no doubt that Rumi deserves his almost eight centuries of appreciation.

Rumi Translated by Coleman Barks
with John Moyne

Textile Arts grace many book covers. Their exquisite and complex patterns, their almost mystically alluring colors make Oriental Carpets, and carpets inspired by the West's contact with the Orient, an especially appealing choice for poetry by Rumi. This covered, designed by Stefan Guermuth uses a Portuguese carpet of the 17th Century from the Museum fur Angewandte Kunst in Vienna.